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Friday, August 19, 2005

A girl that wanted it hard.

This is a scene that happened after a girl confessed she liked to be slightly dominated:

CuteGirl playfully nibbles on your lower lip before giving you a soft, sweet kiss.

-Your mouth turns up as your face breaks into a smile.

CuteGirl says, "Hmm?"

-MysteryLover pushes you away from him and looks at your naked body lying there.

CuteGirl smiles loking at yours.

You smile and say, "I like watching you."

CuteGirl says, "Yea?"

You nod your head slowly, trying to wear your best wise look.

CuteGirl smiles posing a bit more for you.

CuteGirl says, "Stop it."

CuteGirl giggles happily.

You say, "I would like to see you touching yourself."

CuteGirl smiles, turing her back to you and sliding up to your chest so you can see, wetting her fingers by sucking on them, her other hand massgagin her breast.

-MysteryLover sits behind you with one leg on each side of you so he can see you playing with your body as you see it yourself.

CuteGirl her reaches down and gently rubs her lips making them glisten before slinding a singe finger in, moving it in and out a few times before sliding in a second and moving the both in and out spliting them as she moves out and outhing them togeather on the way in.

CuteGirl stops looking, her head falling back with a moany-sigh, she slides them a bit faster, her other hand massaging a bit harder, toying with her nipple forcing a moan from her.

-MysteryLover smiles as his cock grows hard, you feel it pressed against your naked back. A sparkle in his eyes as he encourages you, "Very nice, let me taste them."

CuteGirl bring her fingers to her lips " can i have one?" she asks cutely her hand more then cuping her breast still.

-MysteryLover says, "Perhaps, but let me taste first," he grins wanting to taste your essence badly. "If it tastes good enough you can."

CuteGirl holds out a single finger to you, rubing it on your lips before letting to taste her.

-MysteryLover sucks your finger running his tongue along it slowly, a slight moan off enjoyment escaping his lips as he lets go, "Very well, taste one, but don't linger too long."

CuteGirl sucking on her finger, slowly moving it out while still sucking " mmmmm... i love me".

CuteGirl says, "Keep going? or would you like me to do somthing with the thing poking my back?"

-MysteryLover whispers seriously into your ear, "If you want me to stop doing whatever I am going to do, the codeword is 'ringmail' else I will ignore any complaints. Is that ok with you?"

-You say, "I will tell you when I want something, I told you to masturbate. You want to please me, right?"

CuteGirl sucks both her fingers and plays gently with her clit, her body obviously tightning up from it , ' yes i do" before wispering "thats perfect".

-MysteryLover moves his hands around your waist and takes hold of one of your hands that he places on his hard cock after switching position a little. He looks at you and says, "I think you know what to do with that."

CuteGirl slides her fingers into her pussy as she slides her hand down you shaft, moveing up and out, down and in at the same time.

-MysteryLover represses a moan of pleasure as he says, "Harder, it won't break," and he moves so you have a better range of motion looking at you juggling masturbating yourself and him at the same time.

CuteGirl grips on a bit harder and moves faster, moaning to her effots on herslef, her hips rocking to her hands.

CuteGirl eyes your cock, imagining it in her and moaning deeply, sliding a third finger into herself with a moan.

-MysteryLover looks at you and says, "Mmm, that's better." He looks at you and notices you start enjoying yourself more and more and says, "Stop playing with yourself and focus on me, you can use your mouth to please me more."

CuteGirl quickly moves down to you cock, her mouth covering you head, her toung circling it a few times bafoe she suck more of you cock into her mouth sucking hard and move up and down, tongue lips is all you feel around your shaft.

-MysteryLover gasps with pleasure as he feels you put your warm wet lips around his hard cock and then regains himself putting a hand on the back of your head stimulating you to speed up your pace a little.

CuteGirl looks up at you, as you move her head up and down, she opens up her thoat and takes you whole cock, stoping neer the bottom to swallow on it a few times and pull back sucking hard on your shaft.

-MysteryLover moans as he feels the tightness of your throat wrapping around the most sensitive part of your cock and involuntary holds your head still a bit when you have him at the deepest end. He looks down at you and with a dark grin on his face he asks, "You are quite a horny slut aren't you?" His tone is aroused more than degrading and he must realise how hard it would be to answer in your position.

CuteGirl decides not to answer takeing you cock her her throat again swallowing hard while its deepes, her you traling out and licking you nuts before pulling to just you head, licking it gently.

-MysteryLover moans and then pulls you up to him kissing you roughly, his tongue darting deep into your mouth and as he breaks the kiss he repeats, "Aren't you?" With you higher up his hands are able to reach your butt.

CuteGirl kisses you back, ' i a dirty horny slut" pushing her hips to you when you grab her ass, " told you you where in for a suprise'

-MysteryLover brings two fingers to your mouth and says, "Then lick these fingers and make sure they are wet, you slut." His other hand grabbing your ass firmer gyrating your hips, rubbing your pussy against his wet cock.

CuteGirl sucks you finges into her mouth, runing her tongue around and between your fingres, moaning getly to your ass grabing.

-MysteryLover pulls his fingers from your hungry mouth and kisses you again while he moves his wet fingers to your butt again, he rubs around your butt hole slowly getting it wet and then dips his other hands fingers in your pussy to get some more fluid. He applies a little pressure to your butt hole with a finger flat against it.

CuteGirl moans loudly pushing up against you, sticking her ass out as you rub he hole ' oohhhh no...." she wispers in a consered voice.

-MysteryLover slips a wet finger up your butt, looking at you with a grin on his face. He slowly moves the tip of his finger in and out first and then pushes his (middle) finger all the way into your butt.

CuteGirl moans loudly as you middle finger slides all the way into her, clinging tighter to you.

-MysteryLover fingers your butt deeply and moves his cock into your pussy holding you down with the same hand of which a finger is up your butt. He looks at you enjoying yourself and mumbles that only a slut would enjoy such stimulation at the same time he seems to get harder and harder.

CuteGirl shutters, her eyes shut tight and she moans loudly, the pleasure to much and she starts to play along " i such a slut, fuck me.... please, im a horney little bitch".

-MysteryLover puts you on all fours and slides his cock in your pussy again. He has been stimulating your ass so much that it has begun to relax and he slips in a second finger. He slams his cock in so hard that his balls hit against your clitoris hard.

CuteGirl moansm her arms giving way, her ass up in the air for you, she moans louder and louder, orgasiming over and over to you stimulation.

-MysteryLover pulls his cock from your pussy and slides it into your butt, he stimulates your cunt with his other hand to avoid possible infections and as his cock is all the way inside your ass he says, "You like that, don't you?"

CuteGirl moans out loudy feeling you thick cock in her ass " ohhhh godddddddd, yess MysteryLover..." her body tight from pleasure.

-MysteryLover fucks your ass firmly and rubs your clit vigorously at the same time. "Do you want to feel me cum inside your ass?" He thrusts in a few times more ravaging your body for his pleasure. "I said, do you want to feel me cum inside you?"

CuteGirl moans having anouther orgasim, 'yess i want to feel you fill me'

-MysteryLover fucks you so hard that some pain comes with the pleasure and he moans loudly holding you with both hands by your hips as he works you to get to his orgasm.
CuteGirl moans loudly not feeling any of the pain, lost in ograsims, her body tightening up.

-MysteryLover screams out "CuteGirl" as his sperm shoots up inside you and he practically collapses from exhaustion. He pulls his throbbing cock from your butt and lies on his back, he looks at you with a smile and asks very nicely, "Would you lick it clean?"

Here she had to go to bed, unfortunately.

Sex in a private place.

This is a log of what happened in the mud I play, the guy is me and the woman is a friend from the mud. Watch how she gets so horny near the end that she starts typing with one hand, she told me she came twice through all this. I left out most of the foreplay to reduce the length somewhat.

CuteWoman inches bashfully over to you and nuzzles you tenderly.

-MysteryLover rubs against you a bit more to stimulate you a bit better and nods, "Very well, could you sit on your knees on the floor and hold on to the bed?" he grins slightly in anticipation.

CuteWoman smiles sliding out from under you and rolling out of bed, getting on her knees and stratening out her back with her hands on the bedside ' like this.

-MysteryLover takes a moment to look at you and smiles as the straightening of your back brought your form out beautifully. "You look very hot," he says smiling broadly and he kisses you briefly as he gets out of bed. As he moves behind you, you can't see what he is doing. Suddenly you feel a soft kiss on your neck and notice him placing his chest against you softly. One of his hands moving around your belly and between your legs tickling your pussy to see if you are wet enough for sudden penetration.

CuteWoman giggles as you complement her, as you feel her lips she shivers and gasps " n... not all at once..." she makes sure her legs ar between yours.

-MysteryLover uses two fingers to rub beside and over your clitoris then he slips a finger inside you and brings it to his mouth licking off your essence. He moves his hand back and holds you open as he positions his cock for penetration. He only moves in the head and whispers into your ear while you feel his body pressed against your back, "Press back against me then," and he kisses you below your ear softly.

CuteWoman coos as you open her lips her breath geting deeper as you whisper in her ear, she moves her hips back slowly at first, but speading up after your head enters her all the way, a sharp gasp sounds out before a loud moan, her head droping forward as she breaths deeply.

-MysteryLover begins moving with you thrusting in and out slowly. His cock rubs over your front pussy wall with each stroke causing your G-Spot to be stimulated. The scent of your hair and the view of your body drive his passion up madly, he keeps giving you small kisses and his hands explore your breasts and rub down over your belly heading towards you pussy but not quite making it.

CuteWoman bucks gently to you, letting you do the thrusting as her body is wraked with pleasure, your hands trailing her body and the constant stroking on her G-spot causing her to orgasim, her walls tightening around your shaft, moaning out wildy.

-MysteryLover grins as he watches you holding onto the bed tightly and thrusts a bit faster through your orgasm and he says, "I hope you enjoy this position," while his breathing grows louder. Your tightness in this position strokes his cock hard and very enjoyable but his orgasm hasn't arrived yet. He leans back a moment to look at his cock sliding in and out of your pussy and as he does so the pressure of your G-Spot is relieved giving you a little time to breath.

CuteWoman moans gently catching her breath, her eyes glased "w...woww" her body twitching gentyl 'thats a good one..."

CuteWoman's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

-MysteryLover retracts from your pussy leaving a feeling of emptyness behind and kisses you deeply lifting you back on the bed.

CuteWoman kisses back climing up into the bed, pusing up to you again and kissing you deeply.

-MysteryLover rests some of his weight against you and looks at you smiling as he pushes his chest up, "you can rest your feet on my shoulders gorgeous," his cock rubbing against your pussy in order to stay as hard as possible. He looks at you and says, "You are quite wet enough right?"

CuteWoman nods with a shiver, laying back and puting her feet up to you shoulders "mmmmmm how ever hard you want".

-MysteryLover holds his hands on your legs pushing them down against your back while penetrating you. It seems as though his cock keeps on coming, going in deeper and deeper and he enjoys watching you as he penetrates you.

CuteWoman looks into your eyes, her mouth opening, then her head falling back to the bed as
she feels you slid deeper, her eyes on you, her back arching gently and her eyes closing before she feels you stop, a long moan escaping her closed lips.

-MysteryLover starts slowly thrusting into your pussy. His extremely hard cock reaching the depths of your pussy with ease in this position and his belly touching your pussy and stimulating your clitoris when he gets to the deepest end. His motions inside you are from deep to extremely deep while he moans from pleasure.

CuteWoman crys out loudy, her back arching up making you move deepr ' o ooohhh MysteryLover.... i cant hold it...." her body tightening up figthing of anouther orgasim".

-MysteryLover grins as he thrusts faster his cock starting to throb and he says "OK, then cum on my count. 3," he starts counting while fucking you deeply making sure he can orgasm quickly.

-MysteryLover almost slams inside you remembering that you are sensitive at the moment he takes care not to hurt you as he feels there isn't much room left in your pussy when he is at the deepest end and he says, "2".

CuteWoman squeels loudly holding her orgasim as you keep fucking her ' oo...oook.

-MysteryLover looks into your eyes and fucks you harder and harder, the wetness of your pussy dripping over his cock and he feels his orgasm building as he says "1" and about a second later he slams deep into your pussy and you feel his orgasm flowing inside you accompanied by shocks of pleasure all so very deep inside you.

CuteWoman crys out feeling youe cum full her her body gerking a seasing as she orgasims hard. <- always nice to see her unable to spell properly

CuteWoman pulls her feet down and pulls you tight ontop of her, her legs and arms wraping aorund you as she continues to moan.

-MysteryLover smiles at you and embraces you, his body slightly sweaty from the flaming passion. He kisses you softly on your lips and asks, "How do you feel?"

CuteWoman says, "Ohhh... my goddd."

CuteWoman kisses you passionately.

You kiss CuteWoman passionately.

You smile with a wink and say, "I think those positions work good for a woman, don't you."

CuteWoman nods her head emphatically.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

What is Mudsex?

Mudsex is something that happens on MUD's (Online Text-based Roleplaying Games)